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Medical Benefits

✓  Arthritis 

✓  Fluid Retention 

✓  Frozen Shoulder 

✓  Headache 

✓  Hiatus Hernia 

✓  Insomnia 

✓  Lack of Mobility 

✓  Lower Back Pain 

✓  Night Cramps 

✓  Rheumatism 

✓  Sciatica 

✓  Shoulder Tension 

✓  Spinal Disorders 

✓  Swollen Ankles 

✓  Tennis Elbow 

✓  Tension and Anxiety

✓  Varicose Veins


Niagara Therapy’s products are class IIa certified for reducing pain symptoms. When applied directly to or surrounding an area of pain, the Cycloidal vibration generated by Cyclo-Therapy can aid pain relief from arthritis.

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Out of all the available osteoarthritis pain relief options in market, Cyclo-Therapy is drug free, Class IIa certified and safe therapy for pain relief symptoms.

NHC cyclo-therapy three dimensional tissue massage provides symptom relief for pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. It provides symptom relief from pain by, blocking pain signals, reducing inflammation and increasing circulation.

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Back Pain

Niagara’s NHC Cyclo-Therapy is a class IIa certified medical product. The gentle therapy action created by cycloidal vibration in our products can provide pain symptom relief for such as upper and lower back pain and can relax the muscle groups in the affected areas.

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NHC-Cyclo Pain Relief Therapy provides effective pain relief from Sciatic Pain. With over 50 years of experience, our pain relief therapy is Class IIa certified and used in NHS.

Try NHC Cyclo-Therapy for pain symptoms due to fibromyalgia. With over 50 years of experience and Class IIa Medical Certification, our therapy has helped fibromyalgia sufferers relieve their fibromyalgia pain symptoms.

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Our Cyclo-Vibration Therapy is a drug free and clinically tested therapy that can improve the circulation and reduce pain in your lower legs, that could help you to relax better.

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Our Cyclo-Vibration Therapy products from Niagara Therapy use a deep penetrating massage that has shown to increase circulation and decrease pain, but can also help with general comfort and relaxation.

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NHC Cyclo-Therapy is a cycloidal vibration spiral oscillation, a gentle but penetrating movement that massages, stimulates and can provide the relaxation of an effective massage.

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Leg Ulcer

Cyclo-Therapy has been medically tested to help heal even the most prevalent leg ulcers through its deep penetrating massage, increasing blood circulation to the affected area

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Multiple Sclerosis

Cyclo-Vibration therapy may provide you with a whole range of general comfort and relaxation benefits in your limbs and back, this may help you sleep and rest therefore rejuvenate.

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Niagara’s Cyclo-Therapy products provides a deep massage effect which stimulates the body and improves blood circulation in legs and feet, including relief against poor circulation caused by Diabetes.

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Clinical Research

References, case studies and examples from clinical research

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