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Some Common Questions

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How often should I use my Niagara Cyclo-Therapy device? And for how long?

Should I use my Niagara Cyclo-Therapy device before or after exercise?

How are Niagara Cyclo-Therapy devices different from other products?

Which should I choose? The hand-held unit or the thermo-cyclopad?

What is the voltage of the Niagara Cyclo-Therapy devices?

Can I travel on a, airplane with my Niagara Cyclo-Therapy device?

Are there any situations in which you would recommend not using Niagara Cyclo-Therapy devices?

Where can I learn the techniques of using Niagara Cyclo-Therapy devices? Are there instruction videos or tutorials?

What payment methods do you accepts?

What are the payment plan options?

What currency do you charge in?

Can I place my order by telephone instead of through the website?

I'm having trouble with my checkout, how can I get assistance?

Where do you ship to?

How much does shipping cost?

Is there tracking?

Will I have to pay duties when I receive my order?

My Niagarassage Cyclo-Therapy device needs to be repaired. What should I do?

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