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About Us

Niagara Cyclo-Therapy is a uniquely brilliant technology, and like many such ideas, it has fascinatingly simple beginnings. Canada’s coal mines in the 1930s. William Wettlaufer had invented a new machine based on a shuffling action to sift and separate various grades of coal.

The system worked well enough, but he was more interested by the number of workers who leaned or sat on the machines during breaks, because they found it such an excellent way to soothe aching backs and revive weary muscles.

The inventor spent time producing scaled down versions of his promising machine, and a prototype bought at auction, eventually led to Owen K. Murphy acquiring the patent and starting to refine and produce the machine, which saw the birth of Niagara Healthcare. Niagara Healthcare is dedicated to finding novel, imaginative, natural answers to a wide variety of health problems.

Since 1949 it has been Niagarassage’s passion to provide a superior-quality range of safe and comfortable massage therapy products. Over the years, our passion has become the foundation of our expertise. The idea isn’t to sell you anything, our products tend to do that for themselves, we just want you to experience how effective they can be. Ultimately, you need to feel it to believe it!

Welcome to Niagarassage!

Since 1949 it has been our passion to provide a superior quality range of safe and comfortable therapy products. We're here to help, so if you have any questions, just get in touch and we'll assist you.

Remember... you have to feel it to believe it!