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Arthritis Pain Relief

Niagara Therapy’s products are class IIa certified for reducing pain symptoms. When applied directly to or surrounding an area of pain, the Cycloidal vibration generated by Cyclo-Therapy can aid pain relief from arthritis.


Symptoms of Arthritis:

The symptoms of arthritis vary depending on the type of arthritis you have, which joints or areas are affected, and how severely they are affected. However, the following are some of the most commons symptoms of arthritis:

  • Early morning joint stiffness
  • Joint swelling and redness
  • Painful movement
  • Pain and tenderness in  soft tissues


Pain Relief For Arthritis: Treating Inflammation

Niagara’s NHC Cyclo-Therapy can provide pain symptom relief by also reducing inflammation.

One of the causes of arthritic-like conditions is the build-up of metabolic waste material in the synovial fluid, resulting in irritation and increased swelling / inflammation in and around the joint. Movement is accompanied by pain and reduced mobility due to limited joint flexion caused by inflammation.

Niagara Therapy’s unique NHC Cyclo-Therapy products has helped many arthritis sufferers by reducing their joint stiffness and relieving their joint pain. Following the application of Cyclo-Therapy, blood circulation increases which can help remove synovial fluid from tissues and decrease inflammation. This in return can improve joint mobility.

NHC Cyclo-Therapy has shown to reduce swelling and pain symptoms, that can aid increased joint mobility.


Pain Relief For Arthritis: Treating Joint Stiffness

Niagara’s NHC Cyclo-Therapy can provide pain symptom relief by reducing joint stiffness.

Significant arthritic pain can be eased by massaging muscles and joints. According to a recent study by the Arthritis Foundation, regular massage reduces joint stiffness which leads to a significant reduction in pain for arthritis sufferers. (Bernstein, S. Benefits of Massage)

Our Cyclo-Therapy products have a special suspension system which generates three dimensional “Cycloidal Vibration” in a circular movement. This causes the energy to penetrate gently and deeply into the body, providing a deep massage to the affected areas and helping to reduce muscle and tissue tension, joint stiffness and swelling while providing you relief from arthritic pain symptoms.


How Cyclo-Therapy Can Help With Arthritic Pain Symptoms

Here at Niagara Therapy we have worked closely with arthritis sufferers to understand the type of pain they experience. Whether you have arthritis in your back, neck, shoulder, hands, elbows, hips, knees, or feet, our therapy can help relieve your symptoms.

Our unique, drug free NHC Cyclo-Therapy products have a deep-penetrating massage effect that helps to improve blood circulation and can benefit even the most severe cases of arthritis. Niagara Therapy products are proven to reduce pain and swelling symptoms, in turn resulting in improved joints and increased mobility. NHC Cyclo-Therapy will not cure the underlying cause of the arthritis, but it will help relieve arthritic pain and allow you to move more freely.

Niagara’s Cyclo-Therapy products are proven for pain relief. When NHC Cyclo-Therapy is used for symptoms due to arthritis, it generates relief from pain, relieves muscle tension and reduces pain and inflammation.

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