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Niagarassage Thermo-Cyclopad




The Thermo-Cyclopad

 The Thermo -Cyclopad is a soft, comfortable pad that contains a patented cyclo massage motor and a special heating element. As the motor develops its pleasant massage action, the heating element produces a widely diffused, relaxing type of heat.

The Thermo- Cyclopad is very versatile and very easy to use, as illustrated on the following pages. Sit on it, lie on it, place your feet or hands upon it, use it in bed or on couch, chair or floor.



General , All- Over Use: It is highly recommended that the Thermo-Cyclopad be used several times daily, preferably in bed, before breakfast, to get your day off to a good start; before lunch and dinner so that you will be fully relaxed before eating; and before retiring to help you enjoy a good night's sleep . Only then will you experience the full benefits of Niagara… the wonderful “loose” feeling of supple muscles , the “alive” feeling a better circulation, the pleasant feeling of relaxed efficiency of mind and body. For all- over application, start at the feet and work up and over the entire body, as illustrated on the following pages. You'll feel like a “million” throughout your day. Use for at least 15 minutes each time or (longer) with controls at whatever setting feels best to you . Remember the low speed are relaxing the higher speed are stimulating.


WHAT DOES NIAGARA CYCLO-MASSAGE DO?Studies by competent researchers indicate that the proper use of Niagara is an excellent aid in:

1.Increasing blood circulation in the area of application(as measured by skin temperature  and radio isotopic dilution techniques).                                                       

2.Decreasing muscle spasm of a variety of types,such as associated with athletic injuries and incisional wound;spasm and fatigue associated with long continued postural positions;and, in many cases,the muscle spasm associated with medically- diagnosed chronic or sub-acute arthritis,bursitis and fibrositis.                                         

3.Decreasing many types of muscle and joint pain such as that of medically-diagnosed chronic or sub acute arthritis,bursitis or fibrositis.                                           

4.Relieving pain of muscle strains,minor strains,low or high back pains,and muscle pain associated with fatigue.                                                                                                       

5.Relaxing nervous tension and enhancing sleep(when used at low motor speeds).     

6.Decreasing the over- all sense of fatigue after long hours of work (when used at high speeds)  

The Niagarassage Thermo-Cyclopad with cycloid vibration is a portable, highly efficient device. Along with Niagara's Cyclo-Therapy, the pad works on a larger surface of the body and also contains a radiant heating unit inset in the foam on one side. The Cycloid Action transmission system is coupled at one end to the Cyclo Massage motor, which transmits massage action throughout the body and surface of the pad to conduct a penetrating, widely diffuse, comforting massage into soft tissue muscles in contact with the pad.

It is equipped with its own detachable pillow for more effective massage. The pillow helps to transmit massage action to the desired area while providing a greater level of relaxation. The pillow wraps around the motor unit which lessens the motor noise and enhances the overall benefit of the massage. Firmly held in place with dual Velcro strips, the pillow can easily be detached when more direct stimulation is desired.The device's simple, ergonomic design makes it easy to self -massage or apply to others with minimal fatique and limited intrusive noise. This unit is great alone for all purposes, but evidence indicates that the overall results are even faster when used concurrently with other Niagarassage Devices.

The lower speeds on the Cyclo-Massage motor helps to enhance the general sense of relaxation and decrease everyday stress,simple nervous tension resulting from overwork ,helps the body recover and enhance sleep.The higher motor speeds may repeatedly help relax sore tired,aching,stiff muscles and joints resulting from overwork or postural work positions,evidence of the age process,arthritic-like aches and pain or tense,sore muscles and joints resulting from excessive excercise.This Cycloid vibration massage unit is a global recovery and movement enhancement technology,specializing in portable high -performance sports medicine and orthopedic devices that provide preventive treatment,accelerate injury recovery and enhance muscles and joint performance.Promoting blood circulation will improve the overall health of the body soft tissue and also help flexibility,energy , deep muscle stimulation,help muscle line shaping,eliminate lactic acid accumulation,open meridian and body recovery before and after excercise or sports.

Equally important,there is a wide individual variation in the sensory reaction to different speeds of the Cyclo-Massage motor and the radiant heat.In other words,each individual must find out for himself what motor speed and heat temperature  feels best to meet his own needs.

 The effects of  increase blood circulation in the areas of application of heat and massage cluster around two major groups of annoying symptoms encouraged by many people,particular among older age groups in the course of everyday living.The first of these are general,such as the inability to relax,annoying everyday tension,difficulty in getting to sleep and fatique or drowsiness.

The second major groups of common,symptoms encouraged in everyday living are those relating to the musculo-skeletal system which may be reflected in tire or tense,sore,stiff,aching muscles and joints which may result in overwork,postural occupations,excessive excercise,the aging process or even the arthiritic-like aches and pain.The particular advantage of the Thermo-cyclopad heat and massage pad in this latter group is that not many muscle groups or joints are usually affected at any one time so that the Thermo -cyclopad unit can be easily placed under or on the affected area in a comfortable position for the simultaneous application of both heat and massage in a ,comfortable,pleasant form of cycloid therapy massage action to help relieve and repair ,annoying symptoms in the area concerned in the short and long term treatment.The Cycloid Vibration Therapy technology is being used by the world's most elite athletes,in professional and collegiate training rooms and in rehabilitation,fitness and massage therapy facilities globally including tennis,pickelball,squash,paddleball,all racquet sports etc.

 The Niagarassage Thermo-Cyclopad is proven to help improve:

✓  Energy 

✓  Flexibility

✓  Muscle Endurance

✓  Recovery 


It is also proven as an excellent treatment for:

✓  Arthritis 

✓  Fluid Retention 

✓  Frozen Shoulder 

✓  Headache 

✓  Hiatus Hernia 

✓  Insomnia 

✓  Lack of Mobility 

✓  Lower Back Pain 

✓  Night Cramps 

✓  Rheumatism 

✓  Sciatica 

✓  Shoulder Tension 

✓  Spinal Disorders 

✓  Swollen Ankles 

✓  Tennis Elbow 

✓  Tension and Anxiety

✓  Varicose Veins

Also Weight Loss and Diet


Statistics reveal that overweight persons are much more likely to develop disease of the heart, arteries and kidneys, or gall bladder disease , cirrhosis of the liver.High blood pressure occurs in obese persons at a rate 2 1/2 times greater than in normal weight or thin individuals. 9 out of 10 persons who develop diabetes after the age of 40 years are overweight.

In a study of overweight individuals, it was found that premature death of occurred 1 1/2 times more frequently in persons 25% overweight, and twice as frequently in persons 50% overweight, then normal weight or thin individuals.

In summary, your weight not only affects your appearance, but your health and your very life. For this reason the Niagara Weight Control Program has been developed.



Dieting should not be considered only a means of losing weight to improve appearance. Rather, it should be a habit ... a way of life. You should begin by taking in less food than your body requires to maintain weight. After you have reached the desired weight, you should eat only that amount of food your body consumes as energy. It really isn't difficult. In fact, all of these objectives can be achieved easily, and with improved health and better sense of well- being by following the Niagara Weight Control Program.



For the purpose of considering your diet, it is well to look at your body as a biologic machine which consumes energy in the form of heat and physical motion. The only source that your body has for replenishing this energy is food.

The unit, for measuring the energy requirements of the body and the energy contents of foods,  is the calories.Their normal sedentary woman's body consumes a little more that 2000 calories of energy a day, whereas a normal sedentary man's body consumes nearly 3000 calories a day.

Naturally, if your day involves much physical activity- walking, sports, hard - labor, etc --your body will consume more” fuel”. Your daily calorie requirements thus will be greater than those indicated above. However, for the purposes of  your reducing program, it is best to consider the 2000 and 3000 calories as a good average.

If you eat fewer calories than your body consumes, you must lose weight; an if you eat more calories than your body consumes, it must be stored in the body as fat.

Diet alone is not the simple answer, because your body has to use up this stored energy or fat in the form of work, exercise and massage.( And remember, there are nearly 4000 calories in a pound of fat.)

So if you are a normal woman requiring 2000 calories of energy daily and you are on a 1000 calorie diet, it will take four days for your body to use up the 4000 calories of energy stored as 1 pound of fat.

This can be done with better health, improved appearance and a better sense of well being by following the Niagara Weight Control Program.


Use Niagara cycloid massage faithfully--- it is paramount to proper weight reduction.

The Niagara cycloid massage action developed by Niagara equipment has been studied extensively by objective physical means. The results revealed that this is indeed a unique and new physical modality.

The patented Motors developed a high frequency, variable, small amplitude, multi directional cycloid motion. This action travels considerably distances and is transmitted deeply and widely through soft and bony tissues as a gentle, soothing deep massage.

This unique action, by stimulating blood circulation deeply and over considerable areas of the body, brings increased nourishment to the skin and muscles to maintain skin and muscle tone. The action acts as an effective form of passive exercise which facilitates the mobilization and utilization of unwanted fat.

There are three basic objectives in using Niagara cycloid massage in weight reduction. The first is to stimulate circulation and maintain tone of skin and muscle in key areas of the body, such as the face, neck, arms, abdomen, hips, or thighs, as weight is lost.

The second objective is to initiate passive muscle exercise in areas of particular concern such as the abdomen, hips and thighs, an at the same time mobilize or move fat by stimulating circulation with the deep, widely conducted Niagara Cycloid Massage action.

Finally , Niagara is applied to attain a sense of well being through relaxation. Thus, adherence to a proper dietary regime become simple and pleasant.

A major point is using Niagara equipment in weight reduction is the results are in ratios to the amount of time it is used daily. Every effort should be made to use it at least three times daily, and as more often as possible. Niagara should be used before meals rather than immediately after eating.

Of course , the distribution of excess weight varies widely between different individuals. Particular attention should be paid to those areas of the body of immediate concern to you.

The application of Niagara to the body can be achieved by any of the larger Niagarassage units such as the Thermo- Cyclopad.A key unit in the weight reduction program, though, is the Niagarassage Hand Unit. Although the larger unit allows the application of Niagara action to be broader areas of the body, the Hand Unit permit  the application of cycloid massage to those specific areas that may be a particular concern, such as a face, neck, abdomen, arms, hips or legs.

While you are applying Niagara to broader areas of the body with one of the larger Niagara units, the hand unit should be worked over particular localized areas to increase circulation and maintain skin and muscle tone, and at the same time mobilize fat. You will find detailed directions for use of the Niagara Units in their package.There will be more information regarding Niagara Weight Control Program and its development in the near future.


What is included with NiagaraThermo-Cyclopad


Comfortable foam- cushioned pad with exclusive patented Cycloid Massage Action: 

1)Detachable pillow:( For more effective massage,the pillow helps to transmit massage action to the desired area while providing a greater level  of relaxation and extra cushioning to sensitive areas.Firmly held in place with dual velcro strips,the pillow can easily be detached when more direct stimulation is desired.

2)Hand Unit Loop:(Provides a convenient way to add to the therapeutic massage action by using the massage hand unit in conjunction with the massage pad.

3)Long Low Voltage Power Cord:(plug into any convenient household or office electrical outlet)

4)Thermo-Cyclopad Control Wand:(Easy to read timer allows for sessions of 15 or 30 minutes in duration.Unit automatically shuts off.Seperate control dials for heat and massage allow for individual preferences.Massage starts at lowest speed-turn control clockwise for desired intensity.Heat starts at low-turn control clockwise to desired temperature.

5)Pad Cover:(Is a durable expanded Vinyl .The Pad cover can be cleaned with mild soap and water on a damp cloth).


CLICK HERE for more detailed information about the medical benefits of using the Niagarassage Handheld Cyclo-Therapy Unit.


CLICK HERE for more detailed information about the medical benefits of using the Niagarassage Thermo-Cyclopad.


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