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Niagara Therapy Contour Graphite-Infused Memory Foam Pillow

Feel better. Live better. Sleep better. 

Graphite-infused memory foam adds cool pressure relief to your mattress

Graphite particles conduct and dissipate heat up to 400% faster

 Graphite infused memory foam 7 X Better cooling


Dimensions: 24“ x 14“ x 4.5“

Relieve pain and stiffness. The Niagara Therapy Contour Graphite-Infused Memory Foam Pillow places your head in a natural sleeping position, features indents that allow you to easily put your arm under the pillow and it supports the area of your back between your shoulder blades.

Imagine going through a day with boundless energy instead of feeling exhausted…

Imagine having a much sharper mental focus due to being more well rested…

Imagine being able to fall asleep as soon as your head hits this comfortable pillow...

What is the Niagara Therapy Contour Graphite-Infused Memory Foam Pillow made out of? 

Visco-elastic polyurethane foam, also known as a memory foam.

Is memory foam material safe? 

Yes, temperature-neutral, graphite-infused, open-cell memory foam is safe. The EPA has declared memory foam non-toxic and multiple clinical studies have shown that memory foam causes no health issues. Unlike many other materials, memory foam is hyper allergenic and free of bedbugs.

Why is it so important to get a comfortable, uninterrupted night of sleep?

Not sleeping well can lead to a whole host of health problems, including:

  • Daytime fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Increased risk of being in an accident
  • Lower sex drive
  • Depression
  • Premature ageing of skin
  • Forgetfulness
  • Weight gain
  • Plus an increased risk of suffering, heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes!

The Niagara Therapy Contour Graphite-Infused Memory Foam Pillow also helps breathing, and reduces snoring !!

Benefits of Graphite-Infused Memory Foam:

Conductive Cooling. Consistent Comfort.

Graphite Infused Memory Foam is a powerful combination of open-cell viscoelastic foam and the excellent thermo-regulating properties of graphite. The open-cell structure allows for greatly enhanced air flow and breathability.

Rather than simply wicking heat away from the body, graphite-infused foam actually dissipates heat, ensuring a cool, refreshing night’s sleep. It also offers the all-climate benefits like consistent plush comfort and even weight distribution on total
surface. The ability to be compressed and shipped in any environment – cold climates – it is a perfect choice for dissipating all of your temperature challenges and greatly increasing consumer satisfaction, from the very first night.


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