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I am pleased to say that my Niagara hand unit helps my shoulder enormously and my ankles, the swelling build up is relieved straight away and enables me to function quite well for days at a time and relieves the pain for some time.
I’d recommend it as it has helped me so much.
 Colin H.  5 out of 5  Review
They say, if it sounds too good to be true then it is. But that’s not so with Niagara Therapy Products. This is really true as their equipment is proof.
I had a knee replacement done and one year later it was still stiff. I could hardly walk, but after using the Niagara Cyclopad and the portable Hand Unit I am able to go up and down the 16 back stairs now and I am walking more freely around shopping centers. I know I would not be doing any of these things if it wasn’t for using Niagara Therapy’s products.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back!
 Rhonda P.  5 out of 5 Review
I would like to let you know how happy we are with our Niagara Thermo Cyclopad. I suffer from a bad back and poor circulation but 1/2 hour of its gentle massage and warmth and it eases all my aches and pains. I’m not quite sure how long I’ve had it but it must be all of 20 yrs. I’d recommend it to anyone. Thanks for an excellent product.
P.S. Hubby uses it too, he loves it.
 Mrs. Rosala B.  5 out of 5  Review
Kilian & I are completely satisfied with the Cyclopad we purchased 2 months ago.  We only had to be without it for 3 days to realise the benefits that the Niagara Cycloid Vibration Therapy had given us after only 2 weeks treatment.
Kilian’s large varicose veins that had been very prominent and painful have shrunk, and he has experienced much freer movement allowing him to enjoy tending his garden.
For myself, I have had a problem with fluid retention, and regular use of the Cyclopad has reduced the swelling in my ankles considerably.
As far as we are both concerned, the main benefit to us has been the increase in our energy levels.  I can come home very tired from a morning meeting, but after a 10 minute treatment and found enough energy to complete the rest of the day’s tasks.
We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending CVT  to anyone who suffers from similar concerns.
 Miriam & Kilian S.  5 out of 5 Review
The Cyclo Pad has helped me gain my quality of life back.
— Errol H.   5 out of 5 Review
A high level of fitness has been very important to me over most of my lifetime and as a long term sufferer of lower back and sciatic nerve pain I was always searching for non-drug related relief. In October 2012 after an MRI I was diagnosed with three bulging discs in my lower back with disc fusion or spinal injections being offered as a ‘fix’ with no guarantees.
Fortunately in August 2015 I came across Niagara Cycloid Vibration Therapy at a Seniors Expo and within a few hours at my home the workings of Niagara Therapy was explained to me as well as a twenty minute demonstration with the Cyclo Pad.
It was a no brainer to purchase a Cyclo Pad mainly because of the immediate pain relief after the twenty minute demo.
The Cyclo Pad has been in use every single day since arrival at my home with amazing lower back pain relief and I believe it’s because of the improved blood flow within the damaged area of my lower spine.
I’m still able to do intense exercise for about two hours daily without back pain. The exercises I do include Walking, Boxing, Swimming, Core Exercises, Kayaking, Weights, Cycling, Speed Ball and Punching.
I couldn’t keep fit without my Cyclo Pad.
 Dennis B.   5 out of 5  Review
Errol Alcott is a world-renowned Physiotherapist. He has accumulated 30 years’ experience and expertise in the Physiotherapy and Fitness Industries. He was the physiotherapist in charge for the Australian Cricket Team for 22 years, the Director of Athletic Performance at South Sydney Rugby League for 6 years and has been treating on the sets of some of the biggest Hollywood Productions along the way.
Errol is recognized in many circles as one of the best physiotherapist in the business. His clientele is an ‘A List’ of sporting superstars and celebrities, and he is an extremely avid supporter of Niagara products.
During his tenure with the Australian Cricket Board as the physiotherapist for the Australian Cricket Team he stated:
“I have been in the fortunate position to review virtually every new product or modality relating to the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries that has entered the marketplace. The Niagara therapy apparatus has proven itself over the years, consistently, when used as an adjunct to my treatment of professional athletes.
It is an essential part of my everyday management system and I have found it most effective during the rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries such as hamstring and quadriceps muscle tears. It is also quite beneficial for the treatment of joint dysfunction as it assists in relieving muscle spasm and promoting blood flow.
I have no hesitation in recommending the above products for these purposes.
 Errol Alcott - Physiotherapist  5 out of 5 Review
I suffered a stroke six years ago and Niagara has increased my mobility and decreased my pains measurably.
I would recommend their product without hesitation.
 Peter M.  5 out of 5  Review
I have always believed in natural therapies, and I used to have regular massage therapy. But that got very expensive, so I invested in Niagara cyclo-therapy products.
I am now well into my eighties and am very proud to report that I am totally drug-free. I credit this with the use of my cyclo-therapy device. It has greatly helped the soreness in my joints and I find that my mobility is greatly improved. My wife finds that it is very useful for helping her lymphatic circulation and we both feel that our circulation is greatly enhanced.
 Kevin L.  5 out of 5 Review

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