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Common Questions


Q: How often should I use my Niagara Cyclo-Therapy device? And for how long?

A: They can be used anytime of the day except immediately after meals. We suggest using it for at least 5 (and preferably 15) minutes prior to breakfast, which will help you get your day off to a good start. Use it just before lunch too! Remember, medical authorities recommend that we be completely relaxed before eating. Similarly, 15-30 minutes before dinner will help prepare you for the what can often be the heaviest meal of your day.

One of the most gratifying times to use Niagara‘s Cyclo-Therapy devices is in the evening before retiring to bed. Your day's work is done and dinner has been digested, and there’s nothing better than a cyclo-therapy session. You'll feel your tension fade away, and the gentle cycloid vibration massage will relax you to the point that you'll be ready for sleep - a deep, restful, completely relaxed and drug-free slumber.


Q: Should I use my Niagara Cyclo-Therapy device before or after exercise?

A:  Prior to exercise, you should use it at a higher speed that's comfortable to you, in order to increase blood circulation and thereby increase flexibility and relax muscles.

After exercising you should use it again, this time at a lower speed to relax the muscles and joints.


Q: How are Niagara Cyclo-Therapy devices different from other products?

A:  Conventional massage devices can produce aggressive slapping or pounding vibrations of high amplitude which are on a single plane and have a high fundamental frequency. This ultimately produces an uncomfortable sensation that in some cases can be damaging to muscles and soft tissue.

Niagara Cyclo-Therapy devices have a very special suspension system, which is the reason it does not generate a single plane vibration, but rather a three-dimensional cycloid vibration in a circular movement. Cycloidal vibration penetrates deeply and effectively into the human body.


Q: Which should I choose? The hand-held unit or the thermo-cyclopad?

A: The hand unit has been designed specifically to allow for the concentrated application of massage action, in order to help relax and relieve sore, stiff muscles or painful joints, and to increase blood circulation in particularly bothersome, localized areas, as well as an aid in enhancing the sense of general relaxation, decreasing simple, every day nervous tension and encouraging sleep through general relaxation.

The thermo-cyclopad has a radiant heat unit on one side, to concurrently apply heat and massage action application to the same area, in order to capitalize on the well-known benefits of heat application.

Both the hand unit and the thermal-cyclopad have very fine results, conveniently, are possible by using the hand unit along with the cyclo pad.The pad can be used all over benefits while the hand unit is applied to areas of specific concerns.


Q: What is the voltage of the Niagara Cyclo-Therapy devices?

A: Voltage for the Thermo-Cyclopad is as follows: input: 24 V DC, power: 12 Watts, heater: 40 Watts.

Voltage for the Handheld Unit is as follows: input: 24 V DC, power 12 Watts.

All devices are low voltage.


Q: Can I travel on a, airplane with my Niagara Cyclo-Therapy device?

A: Yes you can travel on an airplane with your device without any issues.


Q: Are there any situations in which you would recommend not using Niagara Cyclo-Therapy devices?

A: No there is no situation in which we would recommend not using them. That being said, if you have any serious pre-exisiting medical conditions, we recommend consulting your physician prior to use. 


Q: Where can I learn the techniques of using Niagara Cyclo-Therapy devices? Are there instruction videos or tutorials? 

A: Yes, there is a detailed instruction manual and user guide included with your purchase, as well as videos tutorials available on our home page further explaining how to use your device. 




Q: What payment methods do you accepts? 

A: We accept all major credit cards including: Visa, Mastercard, American Express. We also accept Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shopify Pay. And Lastly, we offer payment plans through PayBright.


Q: What are the payment plan options? 

A: Payment plans will be available soon. We will update the information here.


Q: What currency do you charge in? 

A: Prices will show in Canadian Dollars for customers accessing our website from within Canada. For customers accessing our website from the USA, our site will prompt you to shop in US Dollars instead. If in doubt, make sure that your desired currency is selected in the currency selector menu at the bottom of the website.


Q: Can I place my order by telephone instead of through the website? 

A: Yes, if you prefer to place your order by phone, please call us at 1-800-406-5582 during regular business hours.


Q: I'm having trouble with my checkout, how can I get assistance? 

A: Certainly, you can email us by filling the contact form on our Customer Care page. Alternatively, you can call us at 1-800-406-5582 during regular business hours.




Q: How long will it take to ship my order? 

A: __________________________________________________


Q: Where do you ship to? 

A: We ship anywhere in Canada and continental USA.


Q: How much does shipping cost? 

A: In order to make the purchase process easier, we offer free shipping on all of our products to our customers across Canada and continental USA.


Q: Is there tracking? 

A: Yes, all orders are tracked. You can follow the progress updates of your order by using the tracking number link that we provide you in your shipment confirmation email that we send to you once your order has been shipped.


Q: Will I have to pay duties when I receive my order? 

A: If you live in the USA, there is a chance you may have to pay some duty when your order arrives to you. Very often there are no duties payable, but it generally depends on the individual customs clearance examiner. Please note that any duties or taxes payable upon receiving an order are the responsibility of the customer.




Q: My Niagarassage Cyclo-Therapy device needs to be repaired. What should I do? 

A: If you believe your Niagarassage device is in need of repair due to a defect, damage, or malfunction, there are a few steps you can take to make the process quick and easy. First, please access and review the device user guide to see if you can troubleshoot and resolve the issue. If you are not able to resolve the issue using the device user guide, please email us at in order to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Once we respond with your RMA, you may then send your device to us at the Niagarassage Therapy Repair Centre located at 165 Avenue Rd. Suite 302, Toronto Ontario M5R 3S4 Canada. Once received, we will review your case and contact you directly with details on how we may proceed.

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