Our adjustable beds - Comfort for All! 


A good night’s sleep can make your day, but the comfort and medical benefits that an adjustable bed or chair from Niagarassage brings, can change your life.


  • Ease everyday tension and fatigue
  • Relive minor sore muscle aches and pains whenever they occur
  • Soothe tired back and leg muscles
  • Encourages restful sleep through relaxation
  • Enjoy that "Great-to-be-Alive" feeling

Niagarassage beds bring elegance and comfort to your bedroom. Virtually everyone, regardless of age, enjoy its convenience and benefits.

You don’t have to be old, disabled or ill to feel the benefits of an Niagarassage Bed or Chair. However, if you are unfortunate enough tosuffer from a condition or disability such as back pain, arthritis,rheumatism or poor circulation, the features built into our adjustable electric beds and chairs can bring relief, rest and relaxation.


We have a range of bed sizes to meet all requirements for both couples (with the option of individually controlled positioning) and single people alike. What's more, we'll custom build your bed to your precise requirements and fully install your bed to your total satisfaction.


Medical benefits and research


When our  company Niagarassage was looking at producing the best adjustable beds and chairs in  North America they consulted a large number of medical experts and Doctors. Their help and advice have helped us design and build features that can bring relief to sufferers of many medical conditions.


Infinitely Adjustable bed


The advantage of infinite adjustability means you can put an Niagarassage Bed into a position suited to your specific individual comfort – not a small range of fixed positions helped with pillows propped underneath you. The Niagarassage adjustable bed will relax you by supporting your body where you need it most. Coupled with our new high-comfort Aveon mattress, which moulds itself to your body, the Niagarassage bed is sure to provide you with the most relaxing sleep you have ever experienced.


We are so confident that you'll love the benefits of your Niagarassage bed that we offer a full 5-year no-quibble guarantee.


Massage Therapy


Niagarassage's unique Cycloid Massage® therapy system helps to soothe away your aches and pains. Variable settings, controlled from a user-friendly remote control, enable the Cyclo-Massage® Therapy System to give a deep relaxing massage, relieving your pain and inducing a healthy and therapeutic sleep.


To find out more about the benefits of the Canadian built adjustable bed from Niagarassage please browse through this web site.


Adjustable recliner chairs


Combining superb traditional craftsmanship with state of the art technology the Niagarassage Recliner Chair succeeds in easing away aches and pains and reduces daily stresses.


If you wish to speak to an expert consultant, call our free information hotline on 1-800-406-5582



Friday October 28, 2016