Niagara Therapy Sleep System Foundation Box


NOTE: The Niagara Therapy Sleep System Foundation Box is currently sold out, and new stock is on the way! We are now accepting pre-orders for the new stock, and we will ship all pre-orders on Sunday August 25, 2021. Please go ahead and purchase this item as normal, and we will update you with your shipping confirmation and tracking number on August 25th. Thank you!

The Niagara Sleep System Foundation Box is the environmental choice. The Canadian Pine and Spruce Wood used is both stronger and more environmentally friendly than a conventional metal bed frame.

Plus, customers that live in a small condo, or in a house that has stairs and hallways with tight corners, love the this foundation box because it's easy to move in its small and compact packaging, fitting easily around corners, up stairways and through small doorways.

Foundation box fabric slip cover matches the fabric of the Niagara Sleep Systems Mattress-in-a-Box.



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